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  • Joan, this is ingenious, as I know many Nigerians who have lost money going through agencies to secure visas into Canada. You will surely help them do the right thing to make their dreams come true.
    This is ingenious
  • Awesome concept. Great services!
    Jacqui Di Crisci Entrepreneur
  • Planning, strategizing, creating avenues to give support and improve others is always the core of what you do. This is another evidence of your kind heart. More grace to excel
    Biodux Solutions customer relations
  • Thanks for the first class services rendered to me and my family
    Amazing Services
    Mooi Beauty Marketing Manager
  • Thanks Guys for the smooth and soft landing experience. I never would have made it with out you guys
    Super Cool Site
    GraphicSoft Multimedia CEO

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Many job seekers make the mistake of assuming their curriculum vitae (CV) makes little difference in acquiring their desired jobs.

Resume Prep

We at MySoftLanding have experts who can review, advise you on your CV write-up and placement. They are there to assist you in translating your Nigerian CV style to a Canadian CV making it more effective in helping you market yourself and translate your worth to any would-be employer.

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Drivers Licence

Owning and driving a vehicle is an added plus anywhere in the World

Drivers Licence Secured

To legally drive in Canada you must have a valid Canadian or International drivers license. We provide services for helping you process your International drivers license from Nigeria which you can use for a time in Canada before acquiring a Canadian drivers license..

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We help with permanent accommodations from the different types available in Canada such as apartments, houses and condominiums.

Secured Accomodation

For any “would-be” traveler it is crucial to have a place to put up for the first few nights upon arrival at a new place.

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Interview Prep

Preparing for any interview can be both daunting and nerve racking.

Be prepared

Sometimes appropriate and strong candidates lose their place at gaining a position at a job merely because of how they presented themselves at an interview. We help candidates prepare for job interviews by guiding them on researching on what questions will be asked and how to answer them.

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