D-I-Y, Canadian Lifestyle.

Today I’m going to be speaking about the do-it-yourself lifestyle in Canada.

Moving to Canada from a developing country meant a lot of changes  my life but I hadn’t quite considered the impact on daily living.  Back home in my country, getting a handyman to fix broken furniture, do laundry, cook, clean, tend to the garden, fix appliances, you name it, whatever you needed was readily available and affordable.  Was I in for a rude awakening the first time I needed to hire help here.

 In Canada,  hiring people to carry out what i thought was artisan jobs is not quite the same.  It is not only expensive but sometimes you have to book days and days in advance.  This has led most people to the new world of DIY. You quickly start to learn to take care of not only household chores and fixes but also larger Home Improvements including fixing broken appliances, assembling furniture, painting walls, mowing your lawn, washing your car and doing your own laundry.  It was very hard for me to adapt to this way of living in the early days but now i can honestly say, it is not all bad.  There are many tools available to help  you successfully execute what you would normally hire a handyman for. 

 Take cleaning your home as an example,   back home it will typically cost me less than $5 you have my entire house cleaned for 10hours but here in Canada the cost of hiring a cleaner for your home on average costs $75 for 3 hours,  this cost is for a two-bedroom apartment,  three to four-bedroom houses cost more.  Hiring a driver in my home country costs about $150 a month.  Hiring a driver in Canada will cost no less than $150 a day.  Things that were seen as regular necessities have become extreme luxury here.  i’ll say this though,  the road conditions and discipline of other motorists makes it quite enjoyable to drive especially long distance trips.

 You will need who get used to this new DIY way of living as trying to maintain the same standards of living you had back home will lead to very empty pockets.  Embrace this opportunity to learn new skills but for services involving electricity or the gas I will suggest you hire a professional. For everything else, have some fun with it  and enjoy the exciting adventure of do-it-yourself.

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