Over the last two years the number of Nigerian professionals interested in migrating to Canada has more than doubled. Many have opted to take this bold step to seek job opportunities, better quality of life and security that Canada potentially has to offer. Although many have made this move to Canada and are currently settled there, the current réthorique circulating the web is how difficult and daunting this move can be. Some have encountered difficulties with settling down in good housing facilities, finding good well paying jobs and effectively entering the Canadian job market. 

Those who desire to leave may find it difficult getting the right information on the different steps, due processes needed to obtain valid migration documents under either of the migration schemes such as “Express Entry”, “Highly Skilled Workers Programme” etc. Having no genuine knowledge they fall prey to scrupulous individuals posing as agents who charge exuberant fees and who are prone to mistakes. Indeed for those who actually make it across the seas are stuck with the question of “who will help them navigate the new frontier that is Canada?” “Where will they live?”, How can they find information on best schools for kids (for those migrating with children), “ How can they obtain a valid Canadian license and how to purchase a car ?”and most importantly “How to enter the Canadian job market. Plagued with many of these questions, a would-be newcomer is faced with treacherous worries. 

Here at SoftLanding, we strive to build a bridge over those worries by providing a soft landing for you and many others who desire to move to Canada. We hope to offer practical cutting edge services to address all the key issues which arise before and upon arrival into Canada.

Our services extend from firstly giving you the various legitimate options to enter Canada as a single professional or as a professional moving with family. And ultimately  assist you and your family from the port of entry at the day you arrive into Canada. 

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