Superheroes – Living the sales life.

Living the sales life.

The life of a sales person is like a roller coaster ride. Highs and lows, exciting and boring. Sometimes outright depressing.

But for those who are called to it, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’ve heard several people say, “God knows I can’t do sales!” which is understandable because being a salesperson is not an easy career path. To be a successful salesperson, a key skill required is having a strong heart / mind and a strong character. This is because disappointments and frustrations come with the terrain and your ability to handle them gracefully is what defines you as a salesperson.

There are the days when you believe a deal will come through, the indices are in your favor and out of the blue, the carpet is pulled out from under your feet when a potential customer tells you, I’m sorry but we have decided to go with another vendor.

In some cases, you and the customer have reached an agreement; “Yes, we are happy with the product. Send me the documents for signing”, and suddenly, they don’t take your calls anymore. For me, I find this scenario extremely amusing. But I am learning (because sales, like life is a continuous learning process) to accept people and situations as they come.

The rewards however are enormous; and I don’t just mean the financial rewards from meeting set targets or the commission you get from making a sale. I mean the exhilaration you feel when you exceed your target. The pride that comes with the feedback “good job!” cannot be quantified in monetary terms.

Don’t get me wrong, the money is important. Bills must be paid. But the thrill you get from signing that deal or hitting that target is a different kind of “high” that some of us cannot do without.

So, I understand when people say, I can’t do sales. But for a true salesperson, they can’t do anything else, and would not have it any other way. The disappointments don’t stop you. The closed doors do not deter you and the lost deals do not break you.

I had some of my colleagues tell me they’ve been asked to leave certain premises where they had gone cold calling. They were neither upset nor angry; for them it’s the thrill of the chase. Kind of like wooing a girl or hunting for prey. You wake up every morning with a renewed vigor to win!

Living the sales life is not for everyone. It requires a special kind of calling. You are either called to it or you are not. But if you are, you have no choice but to heed to it!

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