Why Move to Canada?

So, on one particular day, I was on a train heading to work. As we commuted, the sudden jolt of the train caused a lady beside me to accidentally brush against another female passenger. It was purely accidental. Incidentally, the recipient of this “assault” was completely oblivious to the fact that someone else had brushed against her. We were after all on a moving train. The “offender” however felt obliged and went out of her way to say sorry for brushing against her. The other lady was like, “for what?”. She didn’t even notice. At that moment, I thought deeply to myself “you have got to love Canadians. Polite to a fault!”

I think this is one of the many good reasons (as you will soon discover below) to move to Canada. 

Reason 1: When thinking of migrating to a new country, you might want to consider moving to a country where you are wanted, respected and where the people value the lives and presence of immigrants.

Canada wants you, values you and respects you.

Reason 2: Another reason to move to Canada is that it is one of the few countries still accepting immigrants right now. So, your chances of getting a resident visa is higher than most other countries.

Reason 3: Well…if you are coming from Nigeria, I am assuming one of the reasons you want to leave is to be in a more structured society where things work. If that’s your reason, then Canada is the place to be. Moving to Canada means that you will be living in a society where things work. There is power (electricity) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There’s water, crime is low and there is a working government at all levels. You are well represented, and you have a voice.

Reason 4: If you are like me and you appreciate people minding their business, Canada is the place to be. At least you are rest assured no one is coming to your house to help you mind your business; or commenting on how much weight you’ve added or lost. In Canada, YOU DO YOU. No judgement, no resentment. Just live your best life.

Reason 5: Job opportunities! Moving to a new country means that you will need to find a job or at least a source of income for survival. I can tell you this, in the last year of coming to Canada, I have had four job offers in my chosen field. In Canada, there are endless opportunities for employment in any field that you choose to be in. Well…if those opportunities exist in Canada. If you are looking to become a fuel attendant, you might be a tad disappointed.

Reason 6: Healthcare is free! 

Reason 7: My personal favorite. If happiness is important to you as it is to me, then you might want to know that Canada has been rated the 9th happiest country by the United Nations happiness index. Canadians are happy people.

These are not all the reasons you should move to Canada, but some good reasons for anyone who wants to live a long, happy life.

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By: Marian Kelikume
Consultant Mysoftlanding 

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